Falling Water


Client: UNIT9, NBC Universal
Category: Webdesign, Art Direction
About:  I've designe a cross-platform
web experience that allows users to
explore the field of dream science
as a contextual buildup to the premiere
and release of the first season of
Falling Water tv series.

Url: gooddreamer.usanetwork.com


Keywords: Website, Interaction, Ui,
The Falling Water, Art Direction
Television Series, Webdesign, 
IBM Watson, Design, Mobile first,
Machine Learnig, HTML 5

Year: 2016
In cooperation with: Stephan Bischof,
Maciej Zasada, Błażej Rybczyński,
Krzysztof Kokoszka, Krzysztof Nowak,
Rebeca Hudson, Łukasz Schaefer,
Edgard Zaverezzi, Damien Seguin,
Vianney Comot, Quentin Gauvrit,
Karol Altamirano and many more!